Seattle University Student Center

Seattle, WA

Our involvement on the Seattle University campus began in the early 90s with the historic renovation of Garrand Hall. Decades and fourteen buildings later, we have continued our relationship with Seattle University’s Facilities Services department and enjoy working on summer projects with them while school is out of session. Since it opened in 2002, the three-story Student Center has lived up to its design as the informational and service hub for the Seattle University campus.  In addition to housing the outreach, resource, and conference centers, the Student Center also contains a full market and cafeteria to help provide students with everything they need.  The elevated skybridge across 12th Avenue also allows students to reach the center from Redhawk Fields and the adjacent parking structures at any time of day without traversing busy Seattle traffic.  Even as the Student Center approaches its 20th birthday, this 64,000 square foot building remains a prominent feature on the Seattle University campus.   

When people ask us what exactly a structural engineering firm does, we tell them it’s really quite simple.

We keep the floors from touching.


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