Seismic Studies / Retrofits

Living in an active seismic zone, the buildings in our area are subjected to significant earthquake forces.  

In order to evaluate the seismic risk of a building, a seismic study identifies the building’s structural strengths and deficiencies. Needing a Seismic Evaluation can sound intimidating, but ILGSE has over 30 years of seismic upgrade and retrofit experience.  Let us help walk you through the evaluation process to determine what makes the most sense for your building.

Types of reports provided by ILGSE
  • Seismic Evaluation Report using ASCE 41 methodology
  • Seismic Evaluation Report  with Schematic Design 
  • Building Condition Survey (or Critical Needs Assessment)
  • Feasibility Study
  • Building Walkthrough and Observations 
  • Post Earthquake Safety Evaluation using ATC 20
URM ordinance

With the upcoming URM ordinance in Seattle, many building owners are trying to make sense of what will be required for their buildings to comply. Since SDCI announced this upcoming formal mandate, we have been in contact with building officials, local housing groups and private owners to see what those impacts will be for buildings that have never been upgraded or those who have had previous seismic retrofits done in the past.

With our extensive renovation experience, especially with URM buildings over the past 30 years, we have a large knowledge base for buildings of this age and type of construction.  We have provided owners with seismic reports which outlined their buildings strengths and deficiencies as well as met with SDCIs URM Ordinance manager on their behalf to advocate for their buildings and clearly identify the path forward.

When people ask us what exactly a structural engineering firm does, we tell them it’s really quite simple.

We keep the floors from touching.


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